Cool Mountain

Product of the USA

blue razzberry

Mix with some ice shavings to create a Cool Mountain Blue Razzberry fountain-style slushy. Perfect for hot summer days or cool winters. There's never a wrong season for Blue Razzberry.

green apple

Christmastime and green apples may not seem like the traditional pairing, but by taking our pure cane sugar Green Apple soda and pairing it with a little gingerbread syrup, you have a timeless holiday drink that will have your friends begging for more.


Strawberry is perfect for dessert. Slice up a few fresh strawberries, mix with Cool Mountain's Strawberry gourmet soda and plop a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream into the party for the ultimate fountain soda strawberry float!

black cherry cherry. With its sophisticated flavor, we say help it find its youthful side by creating a black cherry fountain soda-style float. All it takes is an iced mug, Black Cherry soda and a scoop of cherry vanilla ice cream and you have the ultimate Cool Mountain Black Cherry gourmet float. Enjoy!

cream soda

Craving some dessert? Why not add the effervescent taste of Cool Mountain gourmet soda to your next cupcake batter? Make a traditional vanilla cupcake batter but substitute 1/2 cup milk with 1/2 cup Cream Soda for the perfect Southern cupcake.


What kind of root beer fountain soda makers would we be if we didn't recommend the classic root beer recipe? Instead of going with any root beer, use Cool Mountain's gourmet Rootbeer. Fill a frosty mug, scoop in the vanilla bean ice cream and top it off with crushed root beer candies for the perfect dessert or midday snack!

orange cream

Cookies are great, but when you pair those cookies with orange cream soda you have the perfect duet. Take your favorite sugar cookie recipe and add four tablespoons of Cool Mountain Orange Cream Soda. Bake to perfection and top with cream cheese frosting infused with Orange Cream soda.

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CMB is also introducing brands outside of the soda market, including beer, flavored water, and distilled, sparkling and natural mineral water. Details on these product introductions are expected to be released in the coming year.