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Cool Mountain’s Handcrafted Sodas: A Refreshing Twist on Classic Flavors

Welcome to the world of handcrafted sodas – the cool, bubbly caffeine-free drinks that promise to refresh you with every sip. Crafted drinks are not new; they have been here for ages, enveloped in the local cultures and traditions. They have now come to the limelight thanks to the consumer’s preferences towards premium drinks. People want to taste something different, something away from the classic cocktails and traditional soft drinks.

In this context, Cool Mountain is ruling the roost for its fine symphony of flavors. From cream soda to a range of other premium sodas, the company is dedicated to giving customers the true taste of local beverages such as the mind blowing crafted root beer.

The creamy delight

Cream soda’s classic flavor is an evergreen taste. The creamy smooth texture with a creamy taste makes this soda the ultimate pleasure drink. And how can we forget the beautiful sweet vanilla flavor that tantalizes the tastebuds with each sip!

The strawberry burst

One of the most refreshing and vibrant red drinks from Cool Mountain is their strawberry soda. It contains the sweetness and the juiciness of ripe strawberries. You can create a fantastic cocktail by blending it with your favorite whiskey or rum. This one drink is a must-have on your dinner table this Christmas!

The bold and beautiful drink

Want to add some glamour to your dining table this party season? Try Black Cherry soda. The deep red shade of this drink makes it an elegant addition to your party food menu. No wonder soda connoisseurs are crazy about this bold drink. If you love fruity drinks, then this premium soda is the one for you. It goes well with most of the alcoholic drinks to create great cocktails.

The citrus drink

If you are fond of citrus flavors, then orange cream soda is the drink for you. Its zesty citrus taste, along with the vanilla smoothness, makes it a marvelous drink. The beautiful orange color of the drink adds to the visual aesthetics. Each sip of this soda makes for a perfect blend of indulgence for your tastebuds and freshness to your senses.

The fruity apple

Imagine biting into a crunchy, juicy green apple! Well, here is a drink that captures the tarty flavor of this fruit and bottles up into a beautiful green drink. It promises to give you a burst of fruity delight in each sip. We are talking about Cool Mountain’s green apple soda, which is a must-have for this Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This is a twist to the classical flavors.

The blue soda

You can’t miss this one. It is tangy; it is bold. It is the drink for all you soda enthusiasts who love to experiment with newer and unique flavors. The cool blue shade of this drink makes it even more fascinating. It could be the perfect alternative to a cocktail. This blue razzberry soda is a sensational drink, just the perfect thing to have on your party table.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab a premium soda from cool mountain and give a beautiful twist to the traditional drinks on the table this festive season.