Behind the Scenes: A Look at Handcrafted Sodas

Behind the Scenes: A Look at Handcrafted Sodas

Behind the Scenes: A Look at Handcrafted Sodas

Handcrafted sodas have slowly inched their way into the soda world, making about $52.5 billion of the soda drink market in the United States.

Handcrafted sodas or specialty, artisanal, or small-batch soda drinks have captured many hearts due to their premium and natural ingredients, like pure cane sugar, and innovative flavors, such as orange cream, blue raspberry, green apple, and more.

In the last five years, the craft soda industry in the United States has grown by 22%, going from $428 million to $541 million in 2016. Craft sodas came in direct competition with sodas due to people’s uproar for healthier alternatives. Manufacturers of handcrafted sodas introduced a combination of slightly purer and healthier ingredients, which eventually led to their popularity in and outside the country.

We’re going to take you behind the scenes of handcrafted sodas to show you how it made a permanent place in the soda industry and at family gatherings and parties.

Handcrafted Sodas:  How It All Began

Soda has been a part of our lives for three centuries and has been a vital part of American feasts since the late 1800s.

We’ve been a fan of sodas from a very young. We’ve all been there. Our parents give us a tiny sip and boom! We became soda fans forever, just like that. Sodas have been a big part of us growing up. However, soda sales have slightly plummeted in the last 15 years due to several reasons.

Out of all the reasons, one reason stands out the most. Sodas with high fructose corn syrup open a door for diseases and illnesses to make their way into your body. That’s why you’ll see handcrafted sodas substituting high fructose corn syrup for pure cane sugar.

Another reason is that people want variety, and your typical sodas just don’t seem to offer as many as handcrafted sodas can. You’ll agree that your palate craves more than just standard flavors. It needs interesting flavors that move your taste buds, making them dance, and wanting more.

The Secret behind Handcrafted Sodas’ Flavorsome Appeal

Craft sodas have splashed onto the scene due to the availability of a wide variety of soda syrups. Of course, a brilliant concoction needs a brilliant mind to make a delicious brew. You need to know what flavors and ingredients work together to create a thirst-quenching and mouthwatering craft soda.

Although you can make craft soda at home, it may take a few hits and misses before you make a blend you like. It also requires a lot of simmering, straining, adding, regulating the temperature, and just a lot of work.

The complexity of the drink depends on the type of craft soda you want to create. For instance, creating root beer is more difficult than creating ginger beer, as it requires more ingredients. However, creating handcrafted sodas may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so they buy readymade craft sodas.

Craft sodas aren’t just meant to be guzzled down, though; but, you can also use them to create desserts. Add a craft soda flavor you like to ice cream and enjoy the two things you love having in the summer. Remember, as much as you like craft sodas, having too many of them will not do your health any favors.

Just Because They’re Healthier than Regular Sodas Doesn’t Mean You Overdo It

34% of people who drink craft soda drink them because it offers added benefits such as vitamins, minerals, and protein.

They’re popular among people because they’re healthier than your regular soda and caffeine-free, with most of them made from pure cane sugar. Still, that doesn’t mean you drink more than two each day. Pure cane sugar has the desired nutrients consumers want. The reason not to drink more is that they still contain artificial colors and flavors.

Are handcrafted sodas better alternatives to regular sodas? — Yes!

Are handcrafted sodas popularity just? — Yes!

People who want to live a healthier lifestyle, but aren’t ready to let go off their soda opt for drinking handcrafted soda. For this reason, they’ve become vastly popular among health-conscious consumers. Those who have yet to understand the craze behind handcrafted sodas will have to try it themselves to understand it. This was your behind-the-scenes look at handcrafted sodas.

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