You are currently viewing Cool Mountain’s Comprehensive Network For Wholesale, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Retailers in USA

Cool Mountain’s Comprehensive Network For Wholesale, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Retailers in USA

It all started in 1997 when a bunch of brewers came together in the mountains of North Carolina to brew a unique drink. One thing led to another and thy managed to create a line of uniquely flavored drinks, which were different from the commercial ones. They prepared these drinks in limited batches, only to be consumed by the locals.

However, as word spread and their drinks became popular, the manufacturers decided to bottle the drinks and distribute them to other areas. Soda distributors in USA began to stock up these non-alcoholic beverages.

We are talking about Cool Mountain’s line of premium sodas.

Ultimate brand for soda lovers

It’s been decades and the brand continues to win the hearts of soda lovers with their mouthwatering flavors. Cool Mountain gourmet soda has emerged as a premium beverage brand. You can easily find drinks from this brand online or through soda retailers in USA.

Cool Mountain’s premium soda is, no longer, confined to the local boundaries. The brand is going far and wide, wooing a larger audience through its exceptional flavors that suit all ages and occasions.

Want to be a soda distributor?

Cool Mountain welcomes soda lovers who don’t just want to gulp their sodas; but want to market them too. You can be a wholesale soda pop distributor for this brand. So, if you believe you are good in networking, you can spread word about the premium sodas and distribute them. This gives you a golden chance to earn extra money, at the same time, tasting new flavors!

Good news for soda distributors company

If you are a distributing company looking to expand your inventory, Cool Mountain’s incredible line of drinks are a good choice. They have a huge demand and it is only going to increase, as many soda wholesalers in USA believe. People are switching to non-alcoholic beverages. Those who still want their alcohol are seeking newer flavors to create cocktails. The brand’s line of drinks is for both.

No wonder Cool Mountain is one of the most loved soda manufacturers in USA. Their myriad of flavors complements various tastes. Moreover, their rootbeer, ginger ale, and other such beverages make for classic recipes. Just fill a mug of this frothy, rich drink, scoop in delicious vanilla bean ice cream, and garnish with crushed ice. You have the perfect dessert!

Contact your nearest soda wholesale distributors and order the sodas today. Better, why not become a distributor yourself? Cool Mountain is worth trying.