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Cool Mountain Craft Sodas: Handcrafted Refreshment, Made with Mountain Love

This summer, why not taste a refreshing hand crafted drink! Look no beyond than Cool Mountain’s range of premium sodas. The manufacturers of these sodas craft each drink uniquely to provide a refreshingly new taste and enjoyment with each bottle.

Cool Mountain’s hand crafted sodas are a class apart. Made from pure cane sugar with no caffeine or alcohol, these drinks are perfect for all age groups, including teenagers. The drinks carry a marvelous texture and flavor, which make them delightful to the taste buds and ideal for any occasion.

If you are looking for new flavors in non alcoholic drinks this season, try these premium sodas. They also make for the perfect cocktail by blending beautifully with liquor beverages.

Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with Cool Mountain flavors

Cool Mountain’s handcrafted sodas are ideal for any hot summer day; Just pop open the bottle and quench your thirst with this amazing drink.

At the same time, the drinks are perfect for celebrations. It could be a birthday party, a wedding anniversary, a baby shower event, a welcome or farewell, an occasion to celebrate some achievement, or a family get-together after a long time. The fizzy drinks add to the charm of the occasion. 

Cool Mountain’s premium sodas are available in a variety of unique flavors that cater to the varying tastes of individuals. From tangy citrus and sugary blue razzberry to creamy soda and bold black cherry and more, you can enjoy a myriad of flavors.

How Cool Mountain’s sodas are different from the regular sodas

Crafted sodas are different from the regular ones. Crafted drinks are prepared in small batches, unlike the mass-produced beverages. Perhaps that’s what makes them different in the first place. Moreover, the makers of these drinks take utmost care in choosing the ingredients. They brew them with passion and love. As a result, what we get is a marvelous flavor with full bodied texture and freshness in the drink.

How to buy crafted drinks?

These days, it is easier to buy a craft soda. Several wholesalers and retailers deal with handcrafted beverages. You can also buy the drinks from Cool Mountain’s website. Earlier, the sodas were available only for the local crowd for special occasions. Now, the burgeoning demand for the sodas has let the manufacturer to bottle these drinks and market them to a wider audience. They are now easily accessible no matter where you are located.