You are currently viewing Discover the Art of Handcrafted Sodas: Exploring the Unique Craft Sodas Flavors of Cool Mountain

Discover the Art of Handcrafted Sodas: Exploring the Unique Craft Sodas Flavors of Cool Mountain

Handcrafted sodas are stealing the limelight. Soda lovers are eager to taste new flavors. No wonder brands like Cool Mountain are ruling the roost, as they specialize in creating a line of handcrafted drinks, each carrying a distinct body and flavor.

One of the reasons for craft sodas to become popular is their non-alcoholic content. A large chunk of the population is struggling to go off alcohol. It is a delight to have an array of drinks that give you similar enjoyment without making you inebriated. Teenagers can also enjoy them. 

Another reason is that these drinks can coolly blend with alcoholic drinks, resulting in great cocktails. So, if you are in no mood to ditch your poison, you can still try these drinks with your favorite spirit.

Cool Mountain presents fun and frolic flavors

A craft soda from Cool Mountain is caffeine free and made from natural ingredients such as pure cane sugar. You can get the drinks in a range of fruity flavors, such as green apple, orange, black cherry, strawberry, and more.

The brand’s cream soda is a delicious drink that deserves a special mention thanks to its unique creamy texture and awesome flavor. Their line of hand crafted sodas also comprises of rich, creamy, frothy root beer, ginger beer, and ginger ale.

The drinks are prepared in the ‘cool’ mountains of North Carolina and bottled for the whole of USA. Earlier, these drinks were created in small lots meant only for the local crowd. However, their burgeoning demand compelled the manufacturer to bottle the bubbly drinks for soda connoisseurs outside Chicago.

However, the drinks are still handcrafted. They are unlike the mass produced soft drinks and sodas. In fact, you can hardly find a match for these crafted sodas. They are amazingly refreshing and suit all occasions.

In fact, you need no special occasion to have these drinks. Just pop open a bottle of Cool Mountain craft soda and any moment becomes a celebration. 

How to get these sodas?

It’s easy to shop for Cool Mountain’s delicious drinks. Simply visit the brand’s website and place an order. The drinks are also available through various soda distributors and wholesalers who deal with craft sodas.

As mentioned earlier, the brand was limited to local areas, but now it has expanded to other places through a good distribution network. So, you can now get your favorite hand crafted flavored sodas right at your doorstep.  

Craving for a soda?

Ditch the regular one.

Try a crafted soda from Cool Mountain.