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Blue Razzberry Soda

Cool Mountain Premium Sodas are made here in the USA —with mouthwatering flavors handcrafted to perfection, and the finest ingredients on the planet. Created from the finest pure cane sugar, premium caffeine-free ingredients, and the love of our skilled artisans who strive to bring you the most extraordinary tastes, every Cool Mountain Premium Soda is more than a beverage. It’s an experience. You take care to select the finest foods and premium wines and beverages for your family and friends, so it only makes sense to do the same with your selection of Premium Sodas. Whether you’re looking to please individual tastes, to pair perfectly with your menu, or simply to offer an extraordinarily unique and refreshing carbonated beverage treat, Cool Mountain is what you want.

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What kind of root beer fountain soda makers would we be if we didn't recommend the classic root beer recipe? Instead of going with any root beer, use Cool Mountain's gourmet Rootbeer. Fill a frosty mug, scoop in the vanilla bean ice cream and top it off with crushed root beer candies for the perfect dessert or midday snack!

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  • Blue
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Taste: Lightly carbonated, tantalizing juicy sweet, crisp and refreshing taste, made with pure cane sugar and 100% caffeine free.

Package Size: 24/355 ml twist top glass bottles per case

Marketing attributes: Blue Razzberry Soda is a favorite with kids because of its bright color and sweet candy-like flavor and taste. It tastes like a melted freeze pop, a common summer time frozen treat in the US. Blue Razzberry is used to make candy, snack foods, snow cones and liquors. The flavor originated from Rubus leucodermis, more commonly known as the "Whitebark Razzberry" or "Blue Razzberry" from the blue-black color of its fruit, native to the western US.