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Crafted Sodas: They are Not What You Think

The life of a crafted soda is fascinating. It is prepared in limited batches and sold locally. If the maker wants to expand the market, they usually get associated with distributors and retailers.

The beauty of crafted drinks

Some of the finest crafted non alcoholic beverages like sodas are prepared in the mountains of North Carolina. They are made by the locals and for the locals.

However, that does not mean others cannot taste it. Thanks to their availability online, you can buy these sodas and add to your fine collection of drinks.

The fact that they are made in small batches make them special. They are unlike the mass-produced soft drinks designed to be sold on a large scale. The crafted drinks are, well, crafted with care and meticulous handling. The skilled artisans use handpicked ingredients, often in their purest form.

Specialties of crafted soda

  • A crafted beverage usually has negligible preservatives and other such added ingredients.
  • It contains natural ingredients in their pure form.
  • The drink is innovative in its taste and texture. This happens because the makers experiment with raw materials to create unique flavors.
  • A crafted drink is basically meant to be used locally. That’s the reason it is prepared in small quantities; and that’s also the reason for its huge demand! Crafted drinks are like limited edition products.

The first soda of the world

According to history reports, the first soda was made in the early 18th century. Although it wasn’t a hit, people kept on perfecting the art of making soda. The first soda water in the US was bottled in 1835.

From soda to craft soda

As the world turns more health conscious, handcrafted drinks are becoming more popular than mass-produced commercial drinks. These crafted drinks are available in small lots and contain local, natural ingredients in purer form. They feature gourmet flavors, which you may not have tasted before. No wonder, they give your tastebuds a unique experience.

Drinks for the new generation

The new generation loves craft sodas. The rising demand for such drinks is proof. With less sugar content, trace amounts of preservatives, and presence of pure natural ingredients like cane sugar, the sodas can be the life of parties.

Forget alcoholic drinks. Say cheers with a handcrafted soda.

And if you are a loyal to your whiskey or wine, you can safely mix a crafted soda to your favorite poison to create a unique drink!

Or maybe you can mix the soda with your own recipe of mocktail.

See, you can do so much with a crafted drink.

The soda manufacturers in USA leave no stone unturned to provide you with fascinating flavors and creative textures. From creamy sodas to sparkling ones, there is a soda for everyone.


Soda has had a long journey. This centuries-old drink has undergone umpteen numbers of transformations. Dive into the world of sodas, especially the handcrafted ones. They are ruling the roost thanks to their unique flavors and premium quality. They are different from your regular soda.