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Sipping on Tradition: The Story of Cool Mountain's Hand- Crafted Flavored Sodas

Hand Crafted Flavored Sodas

A traditional drink holds a great degree of richness. It tells a story of the area where it is made, of its people, their culture, and much more. So, when you decide to buy a hand crafted drink such as Cream Soda or any other, be ready to dive deep into the tradition and the passion.

The story of Cool Mountain sodas

Since its inception in 1997, Cool Mountain Beverages, Inc. has been fascinating the taste buds of millions of people in Chicago city and outside through their wonderful line of premium sodas. The company, based in Des Plaines, Illinois, has won the hearts of people through their exceptionally flavoured caffeine free drinks meant for all ages.

The beverages are bottled in West Jefferson North Carolina. Well, perhaps the fact that the drinks are formulated in the “cool” mountains of North Carolina make them so refreshing and light. Just open a bottle of one of their premium sodas such as Green Apple Soda and you will know!

Spreading freshness for more than 20 years

Cool Mountain has been in the beverage business for more than 20 years now; they continue to delight the lives of people through a classy line of premium sodas. Their drinks are available across the United States of America, in Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, and the United Kingdom. The brand has huge takers in the West Coast and the South East of America. The company has received huge recognition in the beverage industry and a lot of media attention for their innovative flavors.

Looking at the tremendous demand of non-alcoholic beverages and consumers’ preferences of trying out non-commercial drinks, the company ensures people get the drinks effortlessly. So, if you want a bottle of, say, Black Cherry Soda, you can easily order online. The brand’s beverages are sold online through an array of wholesalers and distributors.

Features of Cool Mountain’s handcrafted soda drinks

Made from pure cane sugar, each drink harbors a unique flavor that offers consumers an unforgettable experience. Due to the use of natural ingredients, the drinks are free of preservatives and caffeine, making them safe for adolescents too. They are lightly carbonated, which lets you extract the full flavor of the soda.

Above all, the drinks are brimming with the love of artisans who pay attention to detail to brew the perfect drink. That’s the reason a drink from Cool Mountain such as Strawberry Soda or other is not just a drink, it’s an experience. It lingers on with you and makes your day, rendering you a bout of freshness and happiness.

That’s not all. Every drink has a uniqueness of its own. For example, Orange Cream Soda contains a creamy texture coupled with the freshness of citrus, which makes for a blast. The drinks are suited for all occasions, be it a family dinner, a birthday bash, or a simple stress-busting moment spent in solitude after a bustling day at work.

Cool Mountain is dedicated to giving its consumers the best taste and experience in non-alcoholic beverages. Grab a bottle and be a part of this warm tradition.