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Vibrant Palette: Exploring the Rainbow of Flavors with Cool Mountain's Exquisite Soda Collection

Hand Crafted Flavored Sodas

Call yourself a soda lover? Then you must try Cool Mountain’s flavored sodas. This popular soda brand of the USA presents an exquisite collection of crafted sodas brewed to perfection.

From green apple soda to strawberry, citrus, and vanilla cream, the flavors gently hit your senses and create a euphoric experience. Even the plain vanilla flavor offers a power punch with its creamy texture and mind blowing flavor. So imagine what other flavors can do to your tastebuds!

Expand your soda palette with Cool Mountain

Every soda connoisseur knows the importance of trying a unique flavor. How it adds to their palette! So, if all those commercially-prepared drinks interest you no more, enter the world of crafted drinks. These meticulously-formulated drinks with pure ingredients promise to blow your senses.

Green apple

The flavor of green apple hits your tastebuds as you take a sip of this refreshing drink. You may have tasted green apple pie, green apple candies and even liquors made from this fruit, but now it’s time to taste soda flavored with this delicious fall fruit.


How about slicing some fresh strawberries and topping them on a glass of strawberry soda? Awesome experience! You can even add a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the soda and then sip through the slices. Irresistible!


Citrus never fails to titillate the tastebuds. This orange delight is a must- have, if you love the tangy, citrus-y flavors. This soda harbors a sweet flavor with a tinge of orange and a creamy texture. Cool Mountain’s orange cream soda is a super hit. Combine it with a scoop of ice cream and you are already in dreamland!

Blue razzberry

This one is popular among kids due to its vibrant color and candy-like taste. You can even pour this beverage in moulds and let them freeze. Then, enjoy the blue frozen cubicles and give yourself and your friends a refreshing treat. Blue razzberry soda is fascinating not only in its color, but also in its taste.

Black cherry

This one is a sophisticated drink. Use it to impress your business associates or your close family and friends. Black cherry soda talks about your style and taste.


The rich creamy texture, the fine taste, the sparkling appearance – this is the cream soda for you! It’s pure; it’s delicate; it’s spicy. You can’t miss this one.

Explore Cool Mountain’s premium sodas today. They are easily available online. Order now.