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Crafted Refreshment: The Artistry Behind Cool Mountain's Cool Handcrafted Sodas

Hand Crafted Flavored Sodas

The art of making sodas

Cool Mountain’s artisans are an expert lot. Their hearts are set into the crafting of unique flavors in soda to delight your senses. They pour their passion into each bottle. And that’s the reason when you sip a craft soda you get refreshed to the core. You are bathed in the very legacy of the place where the soda is made.

Each sip of the craft soda signifies excellence, dedication, and love that the artisans put into making the marvelous drink.

No wonder there is a difference between the mass-produced drinks and a crafted drink prepared in small batches.

The latter is the reflection of the culture of the place where it is crafted. Along with aroma and flavor, the drink also bottles up the signature style of the local area.

Ingredients matter

No food or drink can be at par with its contemporaries unless it is made of the choicest ingredients. That said, Cool Mountain’s handcrafted beverages are formulated to stand apart thanks to their purest and natural ingredients used in them.

The sodas are made from pure cane sugar. The artisans have beautifully replaced corn syrups and artificial sweeteners with cane sugar. Then, they have done away with the caffeine content. So, all handcrafted sodas from Cool Mountain are caffeine free. This gives the drinks an awesome natural flavor.

No simple beverages

The unwavering commitment of artisans to produce unique and refreshing drinks for all ages makes Cool Mountain one of the most popular soda brands in the USA. You can easily order the sodas online. Enjoy every sip bubbling with taste and freshness.

Cool Mountain’s sodas are no simple beverages; they are cool beverages meant to uplift your spirit and give you a great time. They go well for every occasion. You can combine them with hard drinks or create great mocktails using them.

Each soda with its distinct flavor and characteristic promises to resonate with distinct tastes.

Soda that’s different from others

If you wish to taste something different, try Cool Mountain sodas. Made in the mountains of North Carolina, the crafted sodas continue to delight users for more than 20 years.

Taste a crafted drink and you may not want to taste a commercially-prepared regular drink anymore!