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Sip the Rainbow: Exploring the Vibrant World of Cool Mountain’s Soda Flavors

How about quenching your thirst with a refreshing sip of handcrafted soda? Cool Mountain’s unique flavors promise to make your summer memorable and vibrant. Their fantastic collection of colorful, caffeine free, crafted beverages are here to win your hearts, to be precise, your taste buds.

From the cool mountains of North Carolina to your table

The beverage manufacturer has been around for more than two decades now. They prepare the drinks in the mountains of North Carolina through the expertise of local artisans. Perhaps that’s what makes each drink unique and so much in demand.

From apples to cherries – your taste buds are in for a delight

Taste their green apple soda, which carries a crispy, juicy, apple-y taste that tantalizes your taste buds. Pair it with some gingerbread syrup and you have the ultimate holiday drink!

Cool Mountain’s sodas are made from pure cane sugar and feature the very essence of the local area. This is what makes them special.

As you sip their black cherry soda, you are transported to a world of freshness. The beautiful shade of the drink adds to the appeal of this beverage. Combine this with the sophisticated taste and you have the ultimate drink at the family dinner or a luncheon party.

While talking about apples and cherries, can we miss the awesomely flavored strawberry soda, eh? The bright red color and the juicy texture of strawberries makes them a preferred choice for beverages. Make the ultimate fountain soda strawberry float by adding vanilla bean ice cream to your bubbly soda mug and top it with freshly sliced strawberries. Slurp!

The ultimate blue soda is here!

One of the most popular flavored sodas from Cool Mountain is the blue razzberry soda. Much loved by kids for its bright blue color, this soda drink carries a candy-like sweet flavor. You would feel like you are having a melted freeze pop. It, indeed, is a delightful drink for the summers, especially at the kid’s picnic party.

Creamy sodas from Cool Mountain

Cool Mountain’s cream soda is a class apart. With a creamy texture and rich vanilla flavor, this sparkling drink thrills you through its sweet floral taste with a delicate tinge of spiciness.

And if you want a dash of citrus with the creamy taste and texture, you must try the orange cream soda.

Cool Mountain gives you such vibrant and distinctly flavored sodas, it’s like sipping a rainbow. Have a sip now!