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Beyond the Rainbow: Exploring Cool Mountain’s Unique Craft Soda Flavors

Cool Mountain’s exceptional crafted sodas are now available outside Chicago to a wider mass. Prepared in the mountains of North Carolina, they are no longer confined to the Chicago city. Now you can access the sodas right within the comforts of your home. Order them online, or contact your nearest soda wholesaler or distributor.

Exploring the unique sodas

As the makers prepare the sodas from pure cane sugar and flavors, the drinks take in beautiful shades that promise to woo your heart. For example, the blue razzberry soda carries a bright blue color, which is popular among kids. Put the soda bottle in a picnic basket and it would stand out proudly. Place it on the dinner table and it is likely to grab eyeballs. Its sugary cool flavor energizes and its cool blue color entices. 

Crazy for citrus? Grab the orange cream soda. Its citrus flavor combined with a creamy texture makes for an awesome refreshing drink. This drink goes well with crispy snacks and can be a great addition to a gift hamper basket.

Talking of gifts, you may have gorged on strawberry cakes and candies; now have a sip of strawberry soda. As you pour this bubbly drink in a tall stemmed glass, don’t forget to put a few freshly sliced strawberries on the rim for the ultimate presentation. Serve this drink to your guests and watch the delight on their faces.

How about a drink with a rich, bold taste? You must sip the black cherry soda and take your taste buds to a heavenly trip. Pure cane sugar blended with flavors of black cherries make for a sophisticated drink suited for all occasions. This can also serve as an excellent gift to your colleagues and friends. Pair it with a box of chocolates or cookies and you have the perfect gift hamper.

Cool Mountain’s crafted drinks are for all

There was a time when crafted drinks were a privilege of only the few. This is because such drinks were crafted only for special occasion and for a limited crowd. They were confined within the boundaries of the area where they were made.

Not anymore.

Cool Mountain’s premium sodas are easily available online. Pick your favorite soda and place an order. Get the sodas delivered at your doorstep in a short time. Cool Mountain has also collaborated with soda wholesalers and distributors to make their sodas available to a wider audience.