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Crafted Classics: Delight in the Real Taste of Cool Mountain’s Handcrafted Root Beer

Want to taste the classic root beer? How about a creamy, rich, caramel root beer with a smooth texture and light carbonation? This is Cool Mountain’s root beer! It’s known for the outstanding flavor and creaminess.

Pour it with passion

As you pour the frothy drink in the beer mug, it brims with a delicious head of foam with the bubbles popping through the sheer liquid.

As you bring the bubbling mug of rootbeer near your lips, you can feel the softness and the refreshing aroma – fantastic!

Beautiful bottles of root beer

The brand packages its delicious drink in clear glass bottles. Over 50% of the packaging material is created from recycled materials. The bottles feature customized pressure-sensitive labels.  They are available in packs of 12, 24, 48, 72, and 96.

This one is a bold beer!

Cool Mountain’s hand crafted rootbeer is one bold drink that leaves its amazing smooth taste in your memory for longer. The drink is 100% free of caffeine and is prepared from pure cane sugar by passionate locals who love to craft unique flavors for the taste buds.

The rootbeer carries a smooth winter green finish and proves to be a great addition in any menu. In fact, you can easily impress your guests over dinner by popping open a bottle of this mouth-watering drink. It can transform an ordinary family dinner into an extra ordinary one. How it makes you feel good!

Try this classic rootbeer recipe

The gourmet rootbeer from Cool Mountain is the perfect choice for the classic rootbeer recipe. Here’s how you make it:

  • Fill your beer mug with this frosty drink
  • Scoop in some delicious vanilla bean ice cream
  • Top the recipe with crushed root beer candies

Slurp this delicious dessert!

Order the gourmet rootbeer now!

Can’t wait to try the recipe? Place an order for Cool Mountain’s root beer either through the brand’s website, or through soda wholesalers and distributors. This lightly carbonated beverage will reach you at the doorstep in a short time.

Enjoy your drink after a hard day at work, or simply quench your thirst as you laze around on a Sunday afternoon.

Cool Mountain’s gourmet root beer is best served ice cold. The frothy, creamy drink promises to refresh all your senses. Its full-bodied taste gives you a wonderful ‘high’ sans the alcohol. So, no hangover, no tantrums. Just a simple rootbeer formulated to make your day and convert your humble dinner into an unforgettable feast.