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Exploring the Art of Root beer and Crafted Soda with Cool Mountain

Hand Crafted Flavored Sodas

Root beer has been around the United States since the late 1600s. However, the first commercially-prepared root beer was launched in the market in the late 19 th century by a pharmacist. It was more of a medicinal tonic than a recreational drink for the fact that it was made using tree barks and other similar ingredients.

Early root beer recipes were also different. They often contained alcohol. Since then, root beer has evolved and, today, one of the brands making a wave in the market is Cool Mountain’s rootbeer. It contains no caffeine or any other addictive substance and is made of pure natural ingredients.

One of the reasons this brand has created a frenzy among beer lovers is that it offers them a taste different from others. It refreshes, it quenches your thirst, but it never intoxicates.

The sip that creates nostalgia

When you take a sip of Cool Mountain’s crafted rootbeer, you aren’t just sipping a drink. You are sipping a legacy that takes you back to the times when the company was founded and they made the first root beer. It’s a nostalgic trip. At the same time, the drink gives you a taste of the ‘stuff’Hand Crafted Rootbeer is made of.

It isn’t just the ingredients that make this amazing drink. Pure passion, meticulous efforts, and the art of perfection – all go together to create this bubbly drink.

Pure cane sugar and pure love goes into the making of the uniquely flavored sodas of Cool Mountain. The artisans are local people who are proud of their culture and heritage. No wonder the craft sodas carry the essence of their local area.

A drink to remember

If you are looking for a different sip at dinner, try Cool Mountain’s root beer. And if you are the one who swears by his/her whiskey, worry not. The premium sodas coolly blend with whiskeys, especially bourbon, rum, wines, and what not. So, you can enjoy a fantastic cocktail with these handcrafted soda drinks.

So, wait no more. Explore the land of crafted sodas through Cool Mountain. You can easily order them online. It’s not just root beer that’s awaiting you; you will be greeted by a host of other bnavigating.pngubbly sodas, from the naughty green apple to the vibrant blue razzberry, from the elegant black cherry to the tangy orange cream, and more. The cream soda is a must-try, as it offers a rich creamy texture, something hard to find in other similar drinks.

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